Monday, 15 June 2009

My first weigh in

I am astonished and thrilled to discover I have lost 6lb. My weight is now 13 stone 8lb. My week of carb-reduction, alcohol avoidance (up until 2 glasses of wine Friday night and about 4 vodka & diet lemonades on Saturday) and general monitoring of portion size seems to have worked. I also did a huge amount of walking because I was flat hunting but nothing that could be considered particularly strenuous so I'm not really counting that.

This loss has really spurred me on. I'm ridiculously enthusiastic about the diet now, and so far today have had a small bowl of cereal, a can of low fat tomato soup and a piece of plain brown bread. Tonight will probably be a stir fry with noodles again. I am accepting hunger pains and drinking water when they strike (which often eases them, if only temporarily). I am trying hard not to mention the diet to too many people as I'd rather keep it for me and gradually feel my clothes get looser and watch my weight reduce. It shouldn't be something I do so other people will be impressed; it should be a private thing. Not saying I don't want people to notice when it gets a lot lower, of course!

This week should be a relatively easy one to do. I am only out for drinks on Thursday night but intend to stick to my vodka & diet fizz plan. I just can't afford the kcals of wine at the moment. Plus I should get less drunk doing that! This weekend is my flatmate's birthday but again, it's only drinks out so should be easy to manage.

I have put an offer in on a flat which has been accepted (rental) and I move in 3 weeks. I currently share but this will be living alone again which I've really missed. I am excited but also trepidatious as living with a health-conscious flatmate has made me curb a lot of my binge tendencies. As I've mentioned, I am ashamed of eating so am only happy when I can do it in private. Once I live alone there will be no outsider judging my habits (in my head she does this - in reality of course she doesn't) and therefore no shame to be felt on being caught with a takeaway or chocolate bar. I hope I am motivated enough by weight loss to stick to it but it's definitely going to be a challenge.

Food for today:
Bowl of Special K
Can of low fat tomato soup
1 slice plain brown bread
1 bag M&S count on us crisps
Roasted veg with low fat mozzerella ball
Activia yogurt
Tea, diet coke

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