Monday, 22 June 2009

Don't panic!

OK, don't panic. I've gained a pound but the key is not to panic. Even though there were times last week I thought I was going to pass out with hunger and I haven't eaten anything fattening for 3 weeks, clearly something went wrong somewhere. DON'T. PANIC.

It could be the wine I suppose. I drank wine on Friday and Saturday night which probably didn't help but I thought I'd have given myself enough of a buffer zone following 5 days of good behaviour. Perhaps it was the double noodle blocks I've been adding to my stir fries. Maybe I really only can have one at a time. I've heard that when you deprive your body too much it panics and goes into 'fat storage mode' whereby anything you eat gets grabbed hungrily and stored up in case you really are about to start starving. Maybe it was that?

Whatever the reason, I have to accept it and NOT give up. Under no circumstances should I go down the usual path of 'Oh well if I've gained then I'll just bloody well eat what I like' in the manner of a sulking child. I must stick to my path and try harder.

I have had online Weight Watchers membership for months and never really used it, however I think it's about time I did. I have logged my weight today (13 stone 9lb - grrr) and tracked what I've eaten so far. I'm allowed 22 points per day and have so far had 10. I want to save 4 (max you're allowed to save per day) which means I have to think of a dinner for 6 points. I'm not sure I can face another stir fry so perhaps I'll do roast veg and mozzerella. If I only have one sweet potato I can do this for about 6 points.

It's really disappointing to gain in your second week, particularly when you have tried SO hard but I want this, I know I do and although I feel resentful and angry now, if I give up I'll only feel worse in the long run.

Food for today:
1 bowl Kelloggs variety pack cereal
Tesco Light Choices fruit bar
Can tomato & basil soup
2 slices toast + butter (bad!)
Roasted veg with balsamic & mozzerella
Tea, Diet Coke

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