Thursday, 11 June 2009

4 days in...

Food for yesterday:
Bowl of fruit & fibre
Tesco Light Choices bar x 2
Can of Healthy Choice Tuscan Bean soup
Piece of plain brown bread
Egg noodles x 2
Stir fried veg
Activia Strawberry yog
Tea, diet coke

No post yesterday as work was ridic and I then had a flat viewing to try and get to by 7pm which was greatly hindered by the ludicrous tube strike. Fortunately on the way into and out of work I was able to get a seat on the bus, even if the bus took 4 times as long as normal to make it's journey. I'm not happy that I consumed 2 blocks of those egg noodles last night but I was utterly famished. Must try to only have 1 of them tonight.

My worst time for food is without doubt the weekend. I struggle so much with boredom, 'treats', loneliness (sometimes) and just general vegging out in front of the TV temptation that I tend to overeat in vast quantities. I am in on my own on Friday night - a killer time for take away and wine. I intend to not drink (haven't drunk since last Sunday and will not be drinking until Saturday - it's Thursday today) and I will try and cook something healthy but delicious for myself (I've been told this exists). Maybe a WW vegetable curry or similar. Saturday night the girls are round for pre-going out snackage. This will involve pizza, houmous, pitta breads, Pringles, wine and so forth but I am going to try and avoid it. Instead I'm going to buy a bottle of Martini and have it with diet Lemonade to avoid the wine kcals and eat toast or something instead of gorging. This may not work but I've got to try!

Was tempted to weigh self this morning but mustn't do it more than once a week. Mondays are my weigh in day so I'll just have to resist until then.

Food for today:
Bowl of Fruit & Fibre
Tuscan Bean soup
Piece of plain brown bread
Tesco Light Choice bar
Boots Shapers crisps
Stir fried veg
Egg noodles
Tea, Diet coke

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